Our Team


Darby Bailey, Director/Co-Founder


(303) 505-1475

Darby co-founded Abstract Concepts in 2014 after working for almost 15 years developing and implementing programming for at-risk youth.  She has successfully developed and implemented mentoring programs, wellness programs, and behavior management programs for organizations.  Darby would like to be able to bring her innovative solution-thinking to programs in need of a fresh ideas and perspectives for existing roadblocks.  She understands what it takes to make change happen successfully and her experience makes her invaluable to progress for society.  With her combined business based education and extensive experience, Darby has the passion to inspire real change.




 Rich Yeager, Director/Co-Founder


(719) 800-3161

Rich brings over ten years of experience in the human services field, with a passion for innovation and change.  He has worked with some of the most difficult populations and excelled through compassion and progressive problem solving.  After several years of working with at-risk youth in residential and correctional settings, Rich spent the last few years working in the upper levels of the corporate world.  This mix of experience has given him a unique perspective on the world.  He co-founded Abstract Concepts in 2014 with the mission to bring real solutions to organizations who work with our most valuable members of society.  With his unique experience and education, he is looking to make a real impact for our community and society.





Contracted Services

Betsy Leach, Facilitator of Culturally Responsive Education


Background and Philosophy of Facilitator, Betsy Leach

Betsy Leach has been a Spanish teacher at elementary, middle, and high schools for eight years, primarily in under-served schools made up of Black and Latino students. She currently founded and runs a Latino Student Union at Peak to Peak Charter School in order to provide a space for students to discuss their experience as Latins, build a community of support, and lead by advocating for themselves and culturally responsive teaching through presentations to the staff. Her passion is equity, working to close the opportunity gap, and ensuring all students are valued and well-served.

One of the greatest and most overlooked obstacles to closing the opportunity gap is a lack of training for hard-working educators around implicit bias, culturally responsive teaching, and bi-literacy (whether students are “English language learners” or simply use a non-standardized vernacular). She has learned about excellent teaching and equity most deeply from her students themselves. This has led to a deep belief that we are all experts in our own experience and, therefore, that the students, parents, and community members we aim to serve must be partners in the work for equity.

She is currently working part-time toward a doctorate in Leadership for Educational Equity with a concentration on Latin@ learners and communities. She assumes the best about both children and adults when discussing issues of equity and bias and leads interactive, action-oriented workshops that do not stay stuck in theory or make participants feel guilty for any bias or lack of awareness. She tailors workshops to the students, teachers, and staff with whom she works so that all stakeholders working for equity feel successful, valued, and supported.


Counseling Services

Jasmin Kelly, Licensed Social Worker



Special Education Team/Tutoring

Nathaniel Bailey, Special Education Instructor

Ona Luistro, Special Education Instructor



Student Internship Opportunities

More to come



Mario Flowers, Psychologist, Dream House Inc.

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