Our Approach


We believe in Community.  The small community of a few individuals, to the large community of the human race, connection is vital.

We believe in Inter-connectivity.  Everything that we do impacts our communities.

We believe in Responsibility.  We have a responsibility to contribute to our community.

We believe in Inclusion.  Every member of the community is entitled to a space to make their impact.

We believe in Innovation.  We believe in taking an abstract view to problems and producing concrete, usable solutions.



Our greatest assets are the existing people and resources.  We love to partner with other organizations with like-minded goals.  Whether they do the same thing that we do, or they provide something completely different.  If we are in agreement that we want to create a more positive impact, we can learn and grow together.  Take a look at our Resources Page (http://www.abstractedu.com/resources/) to see some of the current connections we have created.  We have an amazing network of people and organizations that offer multiple ways to become involved in your community.  If you are interested in partnering with us for an event or just joining our network, please send an email to info@abstractedu.com.





Culturally Responsive Education

One of the greatest and most overlooked obstacles to closing the opportunity gap is a lack of training for educators and communities around culturally responsive teaching strategies. We assume the best about children and adults when discussing issues of equity and bias, and we provide interactive, action-oriented training that does not get stuck in theory or make individuals feel guilty for any bias or lack of awareness. Our training’s are tailored to all participants, so that all stakeholders working for equity feel successful, valued, and supported. All participants will leave the interaction with concrete strategies they can implement for the benefit of the community.

We work closely with our Culturally Responsive facilitator, Betsy Leach, to ensure that we are providing the most inclusive and informed information.  All of our training’s include some instruction about how to create a culturally responsive culture for schools, communities, and organizations.  To learn more about Betsy, check out our team page. (http://www.abstractedu.com/our-team/)

The use of these research-based and evidence-based tools is our commitment to ending the school-to-prison pipeline.  We are dedicated to ensuring equality in education and in our communities.

Leadership and Development

We utilize numerous corporate tools that have been implemented in the business world for many years successfully.  We are dealing in the more important human capital, and it is even more vital that we are growing and retaining our assets effectively.  In order to do this, we will need to utilize all of our resources.  We us the Birkman assessments to help identify and grow strengths in individuals, leaders, and teams.

Clients use Birkman to:
Improve communication
Increase Management effectiveness
Build Cohesive teams and reduce conflict
Improve profits through better hiring decisions
Discover hidden potential of current employees for greater productivity.
Reduce turnover.
Develop accurate job descriptions.
Facilitate successful outplacement.

Building better insights into human capital is the driving force behind creative solutions, trusting relationships, effective processes, and action-oriented goals. The Birkman Method helps unveil these hidden qualities within leaders, employees, students, and teams. Our scientifically developed, multi-dimensional assessment, The Birkman Method, provides personality and occupational data to help understand individuals’ unique behavior and work satisfaction across different situations and industries. The Birkman Method reaches further into personality than any other assessment, allowing for individuals to truly understand not only who they are, but why.




We are interested in connecting with you and learning about your community.  We are offering free 30-60 minute seminars to introduce you to Restorative Communities and how we build them.  We are also interested in learning about how you may already be utilizing Restorative Practices in your community.  These seminars are free and come with no obligation, we are simply interested in connecting with your community!



All of our training’s are offered individually, or for any size group based upon your needs.  You can combine training categories to cater to each target area. You are able to create custom training packages to meet any issue you may have with a concrete solution.  As you can see, we offer Restorative Practices for different demographics, and this affords you the opportunity to tailor each program to exactly how it will best serve your community, school, or organization.

You will leave this training with a basic understanding of the following:​

1/2 Day (4 hour) Training:   
A basic understanding of the beliefs, concepts and ideology behind Restorative Communities
Clear comprehension of the language, terms, and structure of Restorative Communities
Understanding of how Restorative Communities applies to your situation or need

1 Day (8 hour) Training:
all of the above
Some hands on experience with the material
Tailored examples and application to your organization
Tools to begin implementation
Skills to understand how to utilize Restorative Communities

2 Day (16 hour) Training:  
all of the above
The ability to begin implementation of Restorative Practies in your community
Understanding of how to promote Restorative Practices
Basic process of implementation