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In the spirit of connecting our community, we are working in partnership with Rugby Colorado to bring the sport to your neighborhood.  The goal is to give youth a place to get active and have fun.  This is a non-competitive sport with the pure intention of playing the game.  Any age boys and girls can get involved and have a great time.  All ages start with touch/flag play and no contact.  We are looking for coaches and players to bring this wonderful opportunity to our community!  We are looking for youth who need a positive outlet and to be involved with positive role-models.  Email for more information.






We wake up to tragedy in our world and there are often feelings of hopelessness and fear.  We want to do something to help, to contribute, to feel connected to those who are suffering.  There are many ways to get involved, and we found a really great way to help.  We are promoting Bonfils blood donation!  If you are able, this is a great way to give to LAS VEGAS, and to all those in need.  Blood is a vital tool in helping the injured and giving life!  Visit for more information, or email Abstract Concepts at  We love our community and our world!




Book Of the Month

From author and professor, Adam Grant, comes a wonderful look at what makes original thinkers different from the rest of the world. With the use of some great studies, Grant highlights what it is that makes people and organizations highly successful. There is a very insightful section, building on the research, that discusses how to raise your children to be original thinkers. As a mother and a consultant, this book was so entertaining and relevant. Share your thoughts…




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