Restorative Prevention




In alignment with the guidelines set forth by the Restorative Justice Council of Colorado, we promote the principles of using Restorative Practices in a way that impacts the culture and the daily environment of the community involved.  Our training’s offer an introduction into Restorative Practices and promote understanding of the concepts and ideals.  By actively

addressing issues like school-to-prison pipeline and community relationships, we take a proactive approach to problem solving.  Whether you are already utilizing Restorative Practices or you are just getting started, our team can help enhance and grow your program.






With a focus on understanding and practicing implementation science, we approach implementation with a long-term vested mindset.  By creating a strong implementation team with clear goals, we facilitate the process to achieve those goals and run a sustainable program.  This includes the identification and investment from stakeholders and the community to implement a program that is beneficial and obtainable to all impacted.  It includes an understanding that each implementation is unique and requires a significant process of utilizing existing practices in a way that enhances, or builds on, the existing resources.  Small program changes, or large-scale systematic changes, our team brings experience and passion.






We define community as a group of individuals with a common interaction. Community is a fluid and ever-changing dynamic that is essential to the human experience. Restorative Practices can be used in any community to promote accountability, inclusion, and progress.  The positive aspects of community can be enhanced through intentional interactions and shared goals.  We can assist with goal development and community enhancement by creating opportunities to interact in a productive way.  From social events to opportunities with our network partners, we have many ways for people to connect and become involved in your communities.






In emphasizing the positive aspects of personality, individual differences allow for creative options to team development. Individuals can manage and strengthen positive behaviors and provide opportunities for personal, team, and organizational growth.  Every organization has its distinctive culture which needs to be acknowledged.  Abstract Concept’s team building courses are designed to engage learners through evidence based practices, such as Birkman Methodologies.  Birkman utilizes a series of reports to identify personality traits, strengths, and weaknesses that can have an impact on a team.  Understanding The dynamics of your team is more powerful than you think. In today’s climate organizations make decisions that are based on emotion alone.  What if I told you that a science exists to serve as a guide when building an effective, high performing, and inclusive team? It does, and we are offering it to you.






There are multiple pathways to success, but those paths are built one step at a time with support and opportunity.  With a network of dedicated teachers and leaders, we have created an opportunity for paths to be built.  From creative tutoring options to dream building groups, we facilitate opportunities for communities to connect, pool resources, and open pathways.  This also includes our partnership with forward thinking sports organizations, educators, and community leaders.  There are opportunities for any path you are looking to build.






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