Restorative Processes




Coming together to solve a problem or generate ideas, rather than an arbitrary decision or a mandated policy, creates a community buy-in and innovative solutions.  Facilitated Restorative Circles are goal focused and solution driven.  We appreciate the process and we understand the constraints of time and availability in our lives.  While the power of connection is felt in person, we also facilitate virtual circles to allow for easy access and participation.  With creative formatting, we facilitate Restorative Circles with the intention of creating connections and developing solutions.





Conversations are a part of all aspects of our daily life.  While we have them constantly and with little planning, are we saying the things we really need to say to get the most out of the interaction?  By being intentional about how we approach conversations, particularly in a confrontational or uncomfortable moment, we can produce an outcome that will benefit all involved.  For example, the student that is being disruptive in class, or the co-worker who makes offensive comments.  Imagine having the tools to resolve that disruption or discord in a productive and quick manner.  We provide you with those tools.






When harm occurs, a community is impacted.  Whether intentionally or unintentionally, there is damage.  Restorative justice allows the opportunity for the person who caused the harm to repair the damage.  It is a victim-centric approach and it allows for the victim to have the opportunity to face the person/persons who caused them harm.  Group Conferences are a formal and structured approach to facilitating that interaction in a safe space.  We assist in setting up and facilitating these conferences for communities, schools, and organizations.






Often, the best solution is the simple one.  When there is conflict, many cases require a common ground, some structure, and a conversation.  Restorative Mediation takes it one step further by focusing on the goal of restoring a sense of balance to the situation.  That ideology fosters compromise, solution-oriented thinking, and practicality.  The outcomes of restorative mediation are that it is often cost-efficient and time-efficient.  By addressing issues or conflict directly and practically, ongoing strife and unnecessary counterproductive behavior can be eliminated.  We facilitate this process with the focus of keeping it simple and productive.  This can also be facilitated in a virtual setting to address time and location constraints.






The foundation of a successful Restorative program is comprised of individuals with like-minded goals and a drive to get there.  The people who make up Restorative teams are typically the right people with the right motives, but guidance and direction is needed.  It is essential that all the members of the team are working toward the same goal in a productive way.  Our leadership development aids in focusing teams in the most effective way.  We utilize many of the corporate team building tools to develop a team that is Restorative oriented.  These teams can be youth leadership groups in schools, community leaders, or stakeholders.