Restorative Sustainability



Streamlined Documentation Processes

One of the keys to integrating a successful program or methods, is to make it simple.  We develop simplified documentation processes so that you can track your outcomes and other factors of interest with shorter time spent doing paperwork.  Technology is such a valuable tool in this area, and we are constantly working to bring you the easiest and most efficient way record the work you are doing.  This also allows for ease of communication between involved parties and it cuts out the problems that occur when moving parts are not in sync.




Data Tracking and Reporting

We measure success by tracking and reporting data so that we can correct for errors and duplicate what is working.  This is a vital part of all programming, and it brings validity to what we are doing.  It is invaluable to understand how all the pieces are fitting so that you don’t continue to try fitting a piece that doesn’t work.  We are currently working on data collection to contribute to ongoing research in the field of Restorative Practices.  This data is utilized both in-house and for larger research projects.





Program Adjustments

You are unique, as is every member of your community.  You will also not be the same person next year as you are right now.  We constantly learn, grow, and develop new ideas.  That also means that a program that is effective right now, will not be as effective next year.  The program will need to learn, grow, and develop just as your community does.  Our follow-up program adjustments allow for time to reflect on the program and to fit it with the changes necessary to continue to be effective.




Ongoing Training

The more we learn about our society and the more we practice our craft, the better grasp we have on concepts and tools.  Restorative Practices is unique in that it is constantly being used in new and innovative ways, and there are so many “right” ways for it to work.  The concept itself is more of a guide than a rule book.  We will continue to learn different ways, new tools, and produce more innovative ways to practice.  To bring this to you as it is created, we provide ongoing training to ensure that you are getting the most up to date information.  This can be provided virtually or in-person.